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We took a Meinl Drum Set Conversion Kit through the paces and this is what we found.

Meinl Percussion is a name that most of you are probably already familiar with. They've been in business since 1951 and are one of the world's largest manufacturers of cymbals. They also have a huge variety of additional instruments like tambourines, bongs, drums, and pandeiros. Perhaps one of their most beloved instruments after the cymbal is the Cajon.

One of the things that makes Meinl such a great brand for many musicians is their flexibility and innovation. Those qualities are clearly visible in their Cajon drum set conversion kit. This 9 piece kit is used to convert a standard Cajon into a full Cajon drum set. And it doesn't even need to be a Cajon made by Meinl, our Kopf Percussion  Cajons work perfectly in these kits.

What's Included?

As mentioned, the Cajon drum set conversion kit from Meinl includes 9 separate items. Those items include:


- A  Hi-Hat stand

- A  Cajon blanket

- A  Cajon snare

- A Cajon mount

- A  Cajon Pedal

- Bamboo sticks

- A shaker

These 9 items are really all that is needed to convert a single Cajon into a fully functioning drum set. The sounds produced with this kit are exceptional as long as you have a high-quality Cajon to support the complete set. Each included item serves a unique and beneficial purpose, though not all of them are used to produce music.

A Full Drum Kit In A Small Package

You might be wondering why you should invest in the Cajon drum set conversion kit instead of buying a full drum set. Does this kit offer any unique advantages? The answer is, yes. One of the biggest advantages of using this kit is its compact nature. You can enjoy playing your favorite sounds but without needing an entire room dedicated to your drum kit. And when you're not going to be playing for a while everything can break down and be stored in a closet with ease.

The second advantage to using this kit is the integration of the Cajon itself.  The Cajon is a beautiful instrument that maybe doesn't get all of the attention that it deserves. This drum kit increases the versatility of the Cajon and allows it to make an appearance in grooves with a wider range of sounds.

An Affordable Kit With High-Quality Features

We've all been burned by low-quality equipment with a high-quality price tag. I'm glad to say that that's not the case with this drum set conversion kit. The price is fairly affordable compared to similar items, yet it's manufactured with high-quality materials and designed to last. After all, it's carrying the Meinl Percussion brand name and they have a big reputation to protect. That makes this kit a very safe investment even for frugal musicians.

The Bottom Line

Are you a Cajon expert looking for new ways to play your favorite sounds? Or maybe you're a long-time drummer who is interested in learning the Cajon and adding it to your act. Either way, this conversion kit is a great tool to have.

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