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There are plenty of drums out there that claim to be the industry standard or top of the line, but every marketing campaign says that. Remo Djembe Drums are really well known as being one of the most popular brands of percussion instruments out there, and the Mondo Djembe Drum (DJ-0014-05) is a great instrument that comes in several sizes and meets all the expectations you have for a  Remo Djembe drum.

The 14 inch drum here is a great design that delivers a deep bass sound for perfect rhythm without sacrificing the slap tones that I want to hear when hitting the drums whether on stage for a show or as part of a drum circle. The quality of drums make a huge difference when it comes to the sound, the rhythm, and the quality of the sound. It can be transformative and that in-depth quality is exactly what comes from this Djembe style of drum.

What Makes It Special?

The standard size is 14 inches (don't trust the videos or reviews out there that tell you 12 inches is the right standard size for adults) and this is the best size for an adult. Whether going for a deep bass tone, or a rhythmic slap sound, this drum sounds great and allows you to play in a variety of situations like an absolute pro.

I'm also a fan of the control pads that help eliminate ringing to really make sure whether live or recording that you create the exact sounds and tones you're looking for.

Hand drums require outstanding craftsmanship, the best of materials, and careful design to pull together the perfect hand drums. Djembe has been a big name in the industry for a reason and while I'm always for finding the hidden gem, when a big name is that way because they are the best, there's no reason to keep searching beyond that. I've played the heck out of this drum and it is holding up, proving its incredible durability.

Even beyond the quality of construction this is a drum that just looks good, as well. The earth finish is extremely pleasing to the eye and even includes some texture to give it a better in-depth look. This is an incredible value for the money, as well. The tall drum looks good, produces truly amazing sound, and really is top of the line when it comes to hand percussion drums.


- Great sound

- Versatile option

- Good coloration

- Reliable brand with a great reputation


- Some disagreement on proper size for "standard" adult use

- Not much else

Final Verdict

This is an outstanding drum. It looks great, produces really clear sound, is versatile, and a great value for the price. 

That is a ton of value all in one instrument. If you are looking for a really good hand drum that is going to look good, sound great, and last the test of time then it's hard to imagine finding a better option than the  Remo DJ-0014-05 Mondo Djembe Drum. I certainly haven't found it yet!

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