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Cajon Accessory Combo Pack Includes 


The CajonPort™ delivers more depth, presence and precision – adding incredible enhanced low-end while simultaneously creating greater distinction between the Cajon’s bass and snare sounds. The result is a dramatically less boxy, more versatile and expressive instrument.  Ready for a variety of new and exciting applications.

Harness the full dynamic potential of your Cajon!


Vater Cajon Brushes (Individually $21.99)

A great sounding brush/stick element for use on Cajón drums and world drumming instruments. Made of wavy polymer strands for a great sound.

Made In The USA!


Pair of Rhythm Ring Finger Shakers - Black - (Individually $4.95)

The Rhythm Ring finger shaker gives you percussion at your fingertips. Leaves your hands free to play another instrument.

The Rhythm Ring works great with guitar, ukulele, djembe, cajon, bongos, congas, and much more.

Features an elastic finger strap that fits all finger sizes. Made from high strength Polycarbonate. Patented design for secure fit & extra comfort.



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Good Deal

T. Haynes on 14th Apr 2015

Great accessory kit for cajon!