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Unfortunately, we have discontinued our Internal Microphone System due to problems with getting them manufactured to our standards. We recommend that you check out Myers Cajon Microphones for a high quality yet affordable microphone. 

Here is an Amazon Link to the Myers Cajon Mic.




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Easy Install....Great sound

Chance Brown on 14th Apr 2015

I installed this into my cajon in less than 20 minutes. Sounds great!

Large sound from a tiny Mic!!

Ron Tilly on 13th Sep 2014

I have a Kopf s-series, this mic made a great cajon even greater!!!

Just what I needed

Randall Pratt on 30th Aug 2014

Easy to install and sounds great. Thanks guys

Very Convenient

Dan Bickford on 10th Aug 2014

I use a DeUno cajon for a praise band setting in a fairly large auditorium. I like the way the internal mic turns it into a self-contained instrument. This eliminates the worry of placing an external mic close enough to capture the sound, yet far enough away to avoid hitting the mic by accident. There may be better sound options with an external mic, but for me the convenience far outweighs any slight improvement in sound. I personally think this mic sounds great, and now I can focus more on the music. The cajon is first rate also.

outstanding mic for cajon

Frank Ravenwolf Henninger on 21st May 2013

I purchased this internal microphone for my Kopf DeUno cajon and it was fairly easy to install and works great. It will be so much easier to mic this cajon now when I use it at gigs. I am really looking forward to that.

Very nice internal cajon mic for the price...

Vinny Dee on 6th Apr 2013

This mic reminds me of an acoustic guitar internal mic. It is well made and very easy to install. Works well through my PA system. Makes gigging with the cajon very simple indeed. It will not replace a Shure Bets 52 and 91a but for what I paid and the ease of use it will work just fine for most gigs. I would definitely recommend this mic to friends.

Cool Mic

Andy S. on 2nd Oct 2012

The system was rather easy to instal also on my cajon, which is of different brand. The sound is surprisingly good and it reproduces the sound of my cajon truly. You can adjust sound significantly by moving the mic, which is easy with the gooseneck. To make the sound perfect, I use a sponge in the soundhole (my cajon is very bassy and this reduces it) and an equalizer. Also a hint of reverb helps, as usual. I have installed it recently, so no idea yet on the battery life etc. Thank you for a cool and affordable solution for my cajon !

Big Sound

Daniel J. Lucas on 13th Feb 2012

I followed the video it was easy to install. The mic made the cajon sound like a full set of drums, . Thanks, Daniel