The Slaptop Snare Cajon from Kopf Percussion is one of the best cajons for sale in the world,  with features dual playing surfaces, one with a snare effect and one with no snare. The front and rear plates are glued on with the tops adjustable with screws. This tapa configuration blends the DeUno's overtones with the Kopf Snare Cajon's crisp slaps.

12 x 12 x 20

Solid Poplar Shell

Baltic Birch Playing Surfaces

Hand Rubbed Finish

Steel Reinforced Rubber Feet

Heavy Duty Vinyl Covered Seats with 1" Padding

Two Playing Surfaces(One with Non-Adjustable Snares and One with out)made-in-the-usa-red-large.png

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Great Cajon

Jenny in Atllanta on 19th Mar 2015

Couldn't be happier. I love my cajon! Thanks Kopf!

Drum kit in a box

Bryan on 22nd Jan 2014

I bought this Cajon after reading as much as I could on Cajons, and almost bought a Schlagwerk until a salesman recommended the Kopf Slaptop. A little further research, and I laid my money down. For a relatively simple instrument, there are many manufacturers with a pretty broad price range, and this Cajon is not one of the cheap ones. But what it is however, is a fine musical instrument, and that's exactly what I wanted. I bought this primarily to use in a 'quiet' 5 pc blues and American band. It performs perfectly in that application, with sharp snare sounds offset by a very rich bass drum sound and various tom tones, depending on where you slap the tapas. It's comfortable, versatile, easy to play, and sounds great--what more do you want? My band mates are very impressed as well, and when I first introduced this Cajon, they were all eager to play it. It got a thumbs-up from everyone. Nice addition!

Overall great drum

Jen Long on 10th May 2013

I couldn't decide between the DeUno's big resonating tone and the Snare's punchy bass and crisp snares. So on the advice of the salesperson, I got the Slaptop. It is a cross of the other two. It has a nice snare and slap tone and a really resonant low end. I use in a folk/rock setting and everyone loves it. I think the quality is probably one of the highest out there as well.

My Thoughts

Jon Miles on 16th Nov 2012

I knew that I wanted a USA made Kopf Cajon but I couldn't decide between the DeUno and the Snare. After talking with the guy at Kopf (I can't remember his name..sorry) I decided to get the Slaptop. It as a really resonant bass and a very pronounced snare. The seat cushion on the top is a great addition (you know if you have played alot of gigs on cajon) I recommend this cajon to anyone who wants a great professional level cajon at a reasonable price.

My first Cajone, but I am thrilled with it-

Tom Hitt on 24th Jun 2012

I did some research- gave this one 5 stars, but keep in mind I'm a newb to the cajone- but NOT to percussion. This drum is responsive and rich. I just played a gig with it- put an SM57 near the port and fed it to a looper- then created some great sounding backup rhythms to accompany my songs (acoustic guitar and vocal). Got a great audience response. Very fun instrument. Nice job KOPF!

Truly a professional cajon!

Jon Hodges on 5th Jun 2011

I have been playing cajon for 2 years now. I started with a Meinl cajon. When I decided to step up, I looked at many different drums. This drum stood out to me. The build is just superior to most cajones out there. I love the padded seat and the dual playing surfaces. It sounds awesome!

I love my cajon!

Jamie Murray on 20th May 2011

I just came home from work and opened my Kopf cajon that was delivered today. WOW!!! This is the second cajon that I have owned and man this one is awesome! I love the resonance of this cajon as well as the responsiveness of the snares. It is definitely a winner!