Constructed from  Oak wood, the Toekicker acoustic stompbox measures 13×6×1. It is fitted with our passive electronic pickup that we custom designed and build inhouse to produce the best bass sound possible. Output is through a Switchcraft 1/4" output jack. Steel reinforced rubber feet insure a durable and non-slip grip. It has a clear satin finish and steel reinforced feet.  Tapping the surface with your foot causes the pick-up to produce  a deep kick drum sound! It is compact making it easy to transport. It is designed for acoustic or electric guitarists, bass players and hand drum percussionists! The ToeKicker simply plugs into your  P.A. with a standard 1/4" instrument cable.

 "Thank you for making such a great, quality product! I played a gig last Saturday with your toe kicker and loved it! It was warm, responsive and I can't wait to use it again! 

Thank You!"

-D. Pardy-  Lennon's Creed Video.


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Cool little stompbox

Turner B. on 6th Dec 2018

I play solo gigs on the weekends and this is just what I needed. It does just what I need it to do. I tap my foot while I am playing and it gives me a bass drum sound. It really gets the audience into the groove.

Bad Arse!

Tony Billings on 15th Apr 2015

Killer idea guys! Tap your does and get the crowd clapping....it's that simple.

Nice Stompbox

Pete Swanson on 14th Apr 2015

I use this in conjuction with my cajon. Much bigger sound than what I was expecting. Good stuff!

Soooo Cool

Jesse Olson on 14th Apr 2015

I do lots of solo gigs and I use this every time I play. It is great for getting a crowd to engage. Love it.


Chad Harkelroad on 13th Apr 2015

I use this plugged into my PA. I was amazed the fist time I plugged it in. All I have to do is just tap my toes and I get a HUGEEEEEEE bass drum thump. Can't wait to start gigging with this thing.


Blues Boy Bennett on 13th Apr 2015

Nothing fancy, does just what they say it will. Built tuff.

Huge Sound

Jackson on 31st Aug 2014

It is amazing how big the sound it on this. I can't believe that something so small can get that big of a kick sound. I love it!

Toekicker does the job.

Larry Kemp on 8th May 2013

This unit has a very high quality build and sounds great. Gives me a great kick drum sound. I can roll off the highs and mids and get a thumpy kind of sound as well. I love it.