S-Series DeUno Snare Cajon Drum

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The DeUno Snare Cajon is a modern version of the traditional Cuban and Peruvian/Spanish Cajon drum. The construction of the Kopf Cajon starts with a solid poplar shell (resonating box). There are two tapas (playing surfaces) that are made from the finest quality baltic birch plywood available. One tapa has 4 non-adjustable snares and the other does not making this drum two cajones in one! Both Playing surfaces are completely glued rather than screwed to the frame. This gives the drum its amazing resonance and rich overtones. If you are looking for a cajon with loads of low end BOOM....then this is one of the  best cajon drums for you. The whole cajon is finished with a thin clear satin finish to provide protection while preserving the wonderfull tone of the drum. It is craftsmanship at it's best! Everything is handcrafted, right here in the USA, right down to the custom seat on the top of the drum!. 

12 x 12 x 20Solid 1" Poplar Shell

1/8" Baltic Birch Playing Surface

Vinyl Seat with 1.5" Padding

Steel Reinforced Rubber Feet

Non-Adjustable Snares

Hand Rubbed Satin Finishmade-in-the-usa-red-large.png

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  • 5

    Posted by Matt Hinely on 29th Jan 2019

    My DeUno has an incredible bass sound. Actually, the overall tone of the cajon is amazing. I have never heard another cajon that had bass that sounds like this. I love it! Thanks, Steve!

  • 5

    Posted by Randall Tanner on 2nd Jan 2019

    I bought this S Series snare Cajon just before Christmas.. So I've had plenty of time to gig with it. It has the deepest bass tone of any Cajon that I have played, and I have played quite a few. It has very clear snare sounds and I would like to point out that there is a almost complete separation between the bass and the snare. This is important to me so that the sounds are clear and don't get all muddied up. Superb craftsmanship it is obvious these guys know what they are doing.

  • 5
    Totally Worth It

    Posted by Shawn McDaniel on 6th Dec 2018

    I did alot of research before I bought this cajon. I was looking for a professional type cajon that I could use at acoustic sets at my church. After much debate, I decided to get this one. It has lots of volume......more than you would think. It has nice but not overbearing snares and the bass is unbelievable. The bass just rings out. I highly recommend this cajon.

  • 5

    Posted by Bill W on 28th Aug 2017

    No other cajon that I have heard resonates like this drum. The snares are definitely there, but you have to work a bit to get them to come across. The lows and mids however are there in spades and the way that both playing sides are glued rather than screwed gives this drum a tone and resonance like no other drum I've heard or played. The "non-snare" side sounds remarkably like bongos/congas or even a bit like tabla depending on where/how you play it. It's made 100% in the USA and is built like a tank. I'm a fan for life and proud owner of 2 Kopf cajons!

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    Great Cajon

    Posted by J. Mathis on 4th Oct 2016

    I have used this drum at 4 gigs now and love it. Top notch company.

  • 5
    Only the best

    Posted by Margie Barrett on 17th Apr 2015

    It is my opinion that this may very well be the next great percussion company. I had read alot about these cajons and the reviews were spot on. Great drum Kopf! When are you going to start making more than cajons? I can't wait to see more!

  • 5
    Very nice tones

    Posted by Charlie Portman on 16th Apr 2015

    I got the DeUno because I wanted something that sounds a little different. It has a very warm tone . The bass is very low and rings out like a djembe would. There are two playing surfaces that have very different sounds. One side has the snares and the other is a more woody sound. This is a great cajon.

  • 5
    Very pleased customer

    Posted by Jen Merrit on 15th Apr 2015

    I bought this instrument on the recommendation of Steve at Kopf Percussion. I told him that I wanted a very versatile cajon. The DeUno delivers. It has a good bass tone that is really boomy and the snares are good to. What I really like is the other playing surface that doesn't have snares. It really sounds a lot like bongos and congas. I love it.

  • 5
    A joy to play

    Posted by M. Broadhead on 14th Apr 2015

    This DeUno cajon is a real pleasure to own. The craftsmanship is top of the line and it sounds great. I love the seat and the tone is amazing. Lots of boomy resonance. Great for a novice or a pro.