The DeUno Snare Cajon is a modern version of the traditional Cuban and Peruvian/Spanish Cajon drum. The construction of the Kopf Cajon starts with a solid poplar shell (resonating box). There are two tapas (playing surfaces) that are made from the finest quality baltic birch plywood available. One tapa has 4 non-adjustable snares and the other does not making this drum two cajones in one! Both Playing surfaces are completely glued rather than screwed to the frame. This gives the drum its amazing resonance and rich overtones. If you are looking for a cajon with loads of low end BOOM....then this is one of the  best cajon drums for you. The whole cajon is finished with a thin clear satin finish to provide protection while preserving the wonderfull tone of the drum. It is craftsmanship at it's best! Everything is handcrafted, right here in the USA, right down to the custom seat on the top of the drum!. 

12 x 12 x 20Solid 1" Poplar Shell

1/8" Baltic Birch Playing Surface

Vinyl Seat with 1.5" Padding

Steel Reinforced Rubber Feet

Non-Adjustable Snares

Hand Rubbed Satin Finishmade-in-the-usa-red-large.png

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A joy to play

M. Broadhead on 14th Apr 2015

This DeUno cajon is a real pleasure to own. The craftsmanship is top of the line and it sounds great. I love the seat and the tone is amazing. Lots of boomy resonance. Great for a novice or a pro.

DeUno is Amazing!

Jess Mitchem on 13th Apr 2015

This cajon was purchased after much research and consideration. I was looking for a cajon that would be very versatile and durable. The DeUno fits the bill. This cajon has a great deal of resonance. It really rings out. The bass is a very boomy low end type of bass (which is what i was looking for). I have to say that you do have to work just a little bit harder to get the snares but it is worth it to have that amazing bass tone. Great cajon!

Absolutely the best cajon on the market!!!!

J. Meeks on 19th Mar 2015

Seasoned player with 22 years of experience. I know quality and this is a high quality as it gets. Rich warm tone with everything where it should be.

DeUno S-Series Cajon

2nd Oct 2014

My second cajon...should have been my first. Great bass and resonance and a very comfortable top. Very pretty too!

Very satisfied Customer !

Robert Watkins on 30th Aug 2014

This is my second cajon. When I wanted to upgrade from my Aspire cajon, I started looking around and found that Kopf Percussion was considered to be at the top of the game. Being made in the USA was an added bonus. This cajon has the most amazing bass tone I have ever heard from a cajon. So resonant and warm. I love it. Well constructed and beautiful. AAA+++

I love my new cajon

TJ on 3rd May 2013

I bought this cajon from X8drums.com for around 300 bucks. I was looking for a cajon with great tone. The people at X8 recommended this cajon for its great resonance and versatility. It has two playing tapas. I also like the fact that it was made in my home state of Georgia.

Great sound, great design

31st Mar 2013

After a great deal of research, I settled on this cajon. To my ear, the classic cajon sound is deep, clear bass response. This cajon delivers. When selecting a cajon, I was not interested in a snare sound. That this cajon offers both a snare and a non-snare side is great, I get the best of both worlds. It's also nice that the snares don't bleed into the bass sound. Well made, great bass sound. My one complaint is the size. I am 6'4", and sitting on the cajon takes some finageling.

World class instrument

Walter Lee on 20th Nov 2012

In my opinion.....the Kopf S-series is hands down the best cajons in the world. (No Kidding). The bass response is incredible. The snare sounds great and it is only heard in the snare and slap zone. No snare what so ever in the bass zone. The drum looks like what fine furniture would look like and the cushioned seat is something like no other cajon (that I have seen) has. 5 stars all the way around.