The DeUno Snare Cajon is a modern version of the traditional Cuban and Peruvian/Spanish Cajon drum. The construction of the Kopf Cajon starts with a solid poplar shell (resonating box). There are two tapas (playing surfaces) that are made from the finest quality baltic birch plywood available. One tapa has 4 non-adjustable snares and the other does not making this drum two cajones in one! Both Playing surfaces are completely glued rather than screwed to the frame. This gives the drum its amazing resonance and rich overtones. If you are looking for a cajon with loads of low end BOOM....then this is one of the  best cajon drums for you. The whole cajon is finished with a thin clear satin finish to provide protection while preserving the wonderfull tone of the drum. It is craftsmanship at it's best! Everything is handcrafted, right here in the USA, right down to the custom seat on the top of the drum!. 

12 x 12 x 20Solid 1" Poplar Shell

1/8" Baltic Birch Playing Surface

Vinyl Seat with 1.5" Padding

Steel Reinforced Rubber Feet

Non-Adjustable Snares

Hand Rubbed Satin Finishmade-in-the-usa-red-large.png

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A+ Quality Cajon

Brett Pearson on 15th Nov 2012

As a drummer and percussionist of 25 years, I have learned what I like and what I don't like. What I like is very high quality equipment and I'm not afraid to pay for it. When I started looking to replace my worn Fat Congas String cajon that I have had for 15 years, I found out that Fat Congas was out of business. So I started looking for a cajon that was similar in quality. Kopf was the one that seemed like the best fit. I drove 60 miles to the nearest dealer that had one and it was worth the drive. This cajon is by far the best one I have found. Great craftsmanship all the way around. It has a big low end and great slap and snare tones. I think that this company will be the leader in cajon building for years to come.

Best Cajon I have every owned.

Travis Jackson on 19th Oct 2011

Great responsiveness.......amazingly punchy bass. Very high quality craftsmanship. I love it.

Absolutely Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chad Daniels on 18th Jun 2011

I got my cajon today! WOW!!! What a wonderful instrument! Everything about it is just great. Thanks for building such a great drum!

DeUno Cajon

Terry Falls on 10th Jun 2011

I love this cajon! I spent about a month researching which cajon I wanted and settled on the Kopf DeUno Cajon. I ordered it on a Friday and it came the next Tuesday. It sounds great. There are alot of different tones that you can get out of it and it has two different playing surfaces that are totally different from each other. It is basically two drums. I love it!

La Peru Snare Cajon = Perfection

Rob Poe on 12th Mar 2011

I was looking for a footdrum when I stumbled across Cajons. I began my search for a good fit for what I had in mind, a busking throne/drum. I found a few videos where folks where modifying bass pedals for use with the Cajon. Cool. Next was maximizing the value for the buck and buying a Cajon. I found the major brand names out there & went to the local music store to check them out. What I could try didn’t convince me to put the money down. The build quality and sound just wasn’t there. Then I found Kopf Percussion. The La Peru Snare Cajon looked like a fine piece of handmade custom furniture compared to what I had seen. The padded seat was icing on the cake! I ordered it. Steve called me within a few hrs of placing the order. We cleared up an issue with the order and he had one shipped to me in no time. Sadly the carrier beat the heck out of the Cajon and it arrived damaged. I called Steve and long story short (too late), he replaced it with the new version with rounded corners and a hand rubbed finish. I would swear this Cajon is alive! The sound that resonates from it is unbelievable compared to the similarly priced brands I tried. Steve’s Cajon’s are in another league. His customer service is wonderfully refreshing, like talking to a friend. Good people. I will be a repeat customer. I’ll have to be unless I give my Daughter mine which isn’t going to happen... (-: