Professional Walnut Wood Claves Musical Instrument

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  • HAND-MADE IN USA IN OUR SHOP & BUILT TO LAST: Hand-made in Georgia by the founder of Kopf Percussion with the finest Walnut Tone wood. Handrubbed with our own Bee's Wax and Oil finish.
  • PRODUCES RICH TONES. The best choice in Walnut lumber coupled with our own Wax/Oil finish produce a fine instrument with amazing tonal qualities
  • VERY COMFORTABLE TO HOLD. Each clave measures 8" x 1" and has a very smooth finish.

My Traditional Walnut Paired Claves are genuinely handcrafted from Walnut stock that has been carefully selected to be beautiful aesthetically, tonally appealing, and durable. After the Cherry stock is turned to a 1" diameter, it is then trimmed down to a length of 8". After the Kopf logo is burned into the clave, rather than putting a "sound sucking" hard finish on  , I apply a hand rubbed finish of my own blend of Boiled Linseed oil, Pure Turpentine, and Natural Beeswax. Lastly, I hand buff with a lint free rag to attain a silky smooth satin finish. These claves sound great and will cut through just about any musical situation. They feel great in the hand and will last a lifetime.

Kopf Percussion Professional Walnut Claves Handcrafted by Stephen Head

Handcrafted Professional Walnut Claves Musical Instrument
Kopf Percussion Professional Walnut Claves being played

It's All About Great Tone

For an instrument to sound great, it has to be made from a material that has great tone. These Claves are handcrafted from beautiful Walnut Tone Wood. Precision turned and meticulously finished with Stephen's Secret Oil/Beeswax wood finish recipe, these claves will not disappoint.

Beautiful Tone That Cuts Through

Each set of Kopf Percussion Professional Walnut Claves is first crafted from hand selected pieces of Walnut Stock and then put through another "Tone" check after it is built. This insures that each instrument has amazing tone. Also, the Oil/Beeswax finish protects the wood without dampening the tone so that it will cut through sonically.

Absolute Perfection

The Kopf logo is laser engraved on the clave rather than the industry usual screen-printing. This is to avoid the extra ink (even though minimal) that may dampen the tone.


Walnut Professional Claves Musical Instrument Tone Wood

Professional Walnut Claves detail is quality

Studio Quality Professional Walnut Claves

Great Tone From The Very Start

Instruments with great tone are made from materials that also have great tone. Each Kopf Professional Walnut Clave starts it's life as a carefully selected piece of beautiful Walnut wood.

It's The Little Things That Add Up

Kopf Professional Walnut Claves are simple instruments by design. What makes these great is the small details that add up to a huge difference. Each clave is carefully shaped to exact measurements. The Kopf Logo is laser engraved to avoid any unnecessary "Tone Dampening" ink. Stephen Head's secret Oil/Beeswax finish is applied to further preserve the beautiful tone of the wood.

Quality Is Top Priority

All the steps from carefully selecting the best tone wood to hand rubbing the finish culminate in a world-class set of professional studio quality Claves.

Professional Walnut Claves Handcrafted in the USA

Kopf Percussion Professional Walnut Claves are handcrafted in the USA by Stephen Head

Kopf Percussion Professional Walnut Claves Musical Instrument


If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return items in like new conditions within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. In Addition KOPF warrants all KOPF Percussion, KOPF Hardware from defects in material or workmanship. If the product shows any sign of material or workmanship defect, we will replace it at no charge for a period of three (3) years commencing on the date of original retail purchase through an Authorized KOPF Percussion Dealer. KOPF will not guarantee any product that has been lost or damaged by accident, neglect or misuse; including any product that has been altered or been repaired by a non-authorized dealer or individual. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser. Any replaced product will remain under warranty only during the remaining warranty period of the original product purchase.


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    Posted by Wayne on 14th Mar 2019

    I bought these along with the cherry claves I left a review for and the same goes for these. Don't let the color of the wood deceive you, these are bright and articulate and cutting. I have purchased other products from Kopf Percussion and they always meet my expectations. It should be noted that I am not endorsed by Kopf Percussion, but I do endorse them to everyone!