Comparing Cajons: Which of the S-Series is the Best Cajon

Posted by Stephen Head on 2nd Jul 2022

Comparing Cajons: Which of the S-Series is the Best Cajon

Whenever I'm working on a series of cajons, the design of each model in the series is intended to achieve specific results. Within my S-Series  , there are three models of cajons. By design, each of them provide percussionists with several subtle and sometimes profound variances in sound. Among the key elements that differ are: snare responsiveness, bass pitch, slap projection, and overall resonance. I will try to explain this so that you can choose the best cajon for you.

S-Series Snare Cajon

The S-Series Snare Cajon has been my most popular cajon for over a decade now. It is what I believe to be the best at emulating a drum kit. Let's start with the bass tone. This drum has the lowest pitched bass note of the three. It is a very low note that is short and punchy. By design, the bass notes does not over resonate or ring out too long. 

The snares on this cajon are installed in a way to be very responsive. It is easy to activate the snares and playing ghost notes are a breeze. Also, the snares are positioned so that you only hear the snares when you play in the very top portion of the drum. This essentially eliminates the snares from the bass tone, keeping the bass and snare separated.

In my opinion, these characteristics lend this drum to many genres and is why it is so popular with my customers.

S-Series DeUno Cajon

The S-Series DeUno Cajon is very unique in it's design. It has a bass tone that is not as deeply pitched as the S-Series Snare Cajon. However, the bass tone on this drum is extremely resonant. The bass note rings out longer than on the other cajons in the series.

The snares are fashioned in a way to respond more mildly than the other cajons in the series. Still, they are designed to be completely separate from the bass tone.

The slap tones with the DeUno really shine. Because the drum is so resonant, playing the slap tone or mid tone has some characteristics similar to bongos and congas.

The big takeaway for the DeUno is it's resonance. This drum really sings!

S-Series DoubleShot Cajon

The S-Series DoubleShot Cajon is the latest addition to the this series. I originally designed this drum as a custom order. I liked it so much that I added it to my lineup. 

The Snares on this one is what really differentiates it from the the others. There are LOTS of snares in it. The playing surface is saturated with them. This one is all about the "Sizzle". Unlike the other cajons, the snares are active in all areas of the playing surface including the bass tone.

Speaking of the bass note, the S-Series DoubleShot Cajon is very similar to the Snare cajon in the Series. It has a very low pitched bass note that is punchy and does not ring out too long. It is a very "kick drum" type of sound. Just keep in mind that the snares are responsive in ALL areas of the playing surface including the bass tone. This is very nice in the flamenco style.


There are some areas that all three S-Series Cajons are alike. All of their shells are made from solid Poplar wood. This is where the overall warm tone comes from. They all have Birch playing surfaces to provide excellent projection and durability.

The main differences between these drums are in the Pitch of the drum , the Snare Response and in it's relation to the Bass Tone.I hope that this helps you in differentiating between the 3 models of my S-Series of Cajons. As always, if you have any question about what I do at Kopf Percussion, please reach out to me.

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