The S-Series  Snare Cajon Drum  from Kopf Percussion has to be considered when buying a cajon. Construction starts with a solid poplar shell. Dual playing surfaces made from the finest baltic birch plywood available. One tapa has 4 non-adjustable snares  for a crisp snare effect. There is a complete separation between the bass and the snare sounds. The playing surface is secured with black oxide coated steel screws. Every Kopf S- Series Cajon drum has a fine clear satin finish to allow the natural overtones of the wood to come through.When it comes to the quality of cajon drums for sale, I take great pride in crafting the best that I can.

 Tonal Characteristics: Deep Punchy Bass tones with very responsive snares

12 x 12 x 20

Solid Poplar Shell

Baltic Birch Playing Surfaces

Dual Playing Surfaces (One with snares and one without)

Hand Rubbed Finish

Heavy Duty Vinyl Covered Seat with 1" Padding

Steel Reinforced Rubber Feet

4 non-adjustable snaremade-in-the-usa-red-large.png

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+++Customer Service

Jason Wilcox on 29th Jan 2019

Great talking with you last week Steve! Thanks for the advice.......the cajon arrived yesterday and is perfect. Great job man!

4 Star Cajon

Jacob Anderson on 6th Dec 2018

I just got this as an early Christmas present to myself. I can't say enough about the quality of this drum. I can tell that some time went into it. It sounds as great as it looks. Nice snare sound and a big fat bass sound too. I love it. Glad I did my research.

Very satisfied

Alvin Berreta on 4th Oct 2016

I purchased this for my home studio after doing weeks of research. This cajon came with very high recommendations and I now see why. This is the best sounding cajon that I have heard to date. Great job Kopf !

S series snare cajon review

Rick Henderson on 1st Oct 2015

Received 9/30 /2015. Can't get the smile off my face !. Amazing build,sound and quality. Crisp snare right at the top with a robust bass. Very clean separation of tones without any snare buzz intruding into the bass.Wonderful overtones. Highly responsive to even the lightest finger technique. The non snare tapa has a very rich peruvian sound. A versatile instrument . The Kaces cajon case is well made , well padded and durable. Fits the cajon well. Customer service was outstanding. I was uncertain as to which cajon to buy. I called and discussed this with Steve. Based on the genres , he recommended the S series snare. Wise counsel . Thankyou for a wonderful instrument.

I don't want to work!

Mark on 21st Sep 2015

I want to bang on the Cajon all day. Kopf really got it right. The sound is perfect right out of the box even without a microphone, now I know why they are back ordered. LOVE IT!!!

1st and best cajon.

Philip Kurut - Fort Wayne, IN on 8th Sep 2015

I received my Kopf S-Series Snare Cajon around the end of July 2015, and it has proven to be the best cajon I have heard or played. It is incredibly diverse, and it's a blast to play. After receiving it, I went to a local music store and played a handful of other cajons just for fun, and none of them compared to my Kopf! Plus, it's built like a tank. Thanks for the great instrument. Here is a sample of me playing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNh0HjAeO1Y

Only the best!

Pete Lowe on 17th Apr 2015

The amazing tone with huge bass and crisp snares is what I was looking for and this cajon delivered the goods. well done guys!

Great acoustic option

Brett Hinely on 16th Apr 2015

I started looking for a cajon when we started playing more and more acoustic shows in small venues. I wanted something that could give me a kit sound. This cajon does just that. It has a very very deep and punchy bass that really projects well and the snares are plenty loud to get through the mix. I get tons of compliments at the shows. Amazed how many people don't know what a cajon is though.