Kopf Percussion's Cuban Segundo Cajon offers sharp slaps, clear open tones, and a deep bass tone. It is constructed from the best baltic birch plywood available and is finished with a hand rubbed gloss finish.

 This model is what many consider the best cajon drum in the Hybrid Series. Every player could use this addition to their cajon percussion arsenal.

 11" Playing Surface

18" Tall

Baltic Birch Construction

Clear Satin Finishmade-in-the-usa-red-large.png

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The Search Is Over

Chaz M. on 6th Dec 2018

i have been looking for this style of cajon for a while now. I just couldnt find one that sounded good or even looked like it had any quality to it. This is the ticket. Nice bass and slaps. It fits the bill for me.

Love this drum

Matt Morgan on 15th Apr 2015

Sounds like a snareless cajon but played between the legs. I was having pain in my back playing my meinl cajon so this was the remedy. Great product that sounds really good.

Very nice tones......

Rodney McNeese on 14th Apr 2015

I was pleasantly suprised at the amount of bass that this cajon has. It also has these great overtones and the slap tones are just wonderful. Beautiful cuban cajon

Nice Job!

JJ on 13th Apr 2015

Rumberos will love it!

My favorite

Paula Cox on 31st Aug 2014

I really like the drum. It has a nice tone. The bass is strong and the slap and midtone is mellow. Great drum. I love it.

A great addition to my drumcircle events

Paul Wagner on 15th Nov 2012

I purchased this instrument to take to my drum circle events. I wanted something that would be different from a djembe, but would still work. I am very pleased with the cajon, it has a really nice bass tone and the slap and mid tones really cut through all the other instruments. I love it

Very Happy with my purchase.

Jessica James on 17th Nov 2011

I needed a drum that I could take to small acoustic gigs. I looked at djembes, bongos, congas, and other cajones. I read the reviews and I listened to the audio samples. I thought that the Kopf Segundo sounded the best. All I can say is, what at amazing instrument. It has great slap and bass tones and the volume is just amazing. I am a very happy customer.

Such a fine instrument!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelvin Jacobs on 3rd Jul 2011

I purchased the Segundo Cajon 2 weeks ago. I have used it on 3 gigs and the response from the audience was very positive. I use it during my drum solo. The size is perfect to play like a djembe and the sound quality is out of this world. I really love it. It has a very impressive bass tone for a drum its size. Great price for a drum of this caliber.