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Kopf Percussion's Cuban Tumba Cajon is the big brother to the Cuban Segundo Cajon offering an even BIGGER bass tone. The Tumba is constructed from the best baltic birch available with a hand rubbed gloss finish. It provides sharp slaps, clear open tones and a really big bass. 

13" Playing Surface

18" Tall

Baltic Birch Plywood Construction

Clear Satin Finimade-in-the-usa-red-large.pngsh

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Perfect sounds for sailing the islands

Skipper Chip on 1st Oct 2019

The Tumba from Kopf is an excellent drum, there are so many tones and sounds, delivered with presence Kopf customized ours, added a snare and even our logo! We live aboard a sailboat (SoundWave), there aren’t many spots to sit on a traditional cajon. This Tumba is solidly built, fairly compact and it is sweet to play when seated in the cockpit. Thank you for the craftsmanship. Drums, rums & setting suns!


Anthony on 6th Dec 2018


This is quite simply a fantastic drum...

David Sudak, Tucson AZ on 28th Oct 2015

The drum sounds terrific. Easily as good as competitive Cuban style drums this size - including Schlagwerk's - at almost half the price. The bomba/bass tone is rich and deep (I read a review not too long ago that indicated the bass was lacking, which is absolutely absurd), open tones are quite full, and slaps are sharply defined and project especially well. The craftmanship is excellent, and there's something wonderful about having a drum made to order (in this respect, it's worth the 2-3 week wait). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Great Tumba Cajon

Freddie Laney on 15th Apr 2015

This is a perfect Tumba. It has that big ole bass that I was looking for. Massive!

I has it where it counts

Taz R. on 14th Apr 2015

Big round bass.....just like a Tumba is supposed to be. :)

Bass that Booms

Anthony S. on 13th Apr 2015


This Tumba Cajon Has Been Afro-Cuban Rumba Tested!

Charlie "El Coqui" Verdejo on 31st Jul 2011

For A Rumbero, The Sound Is Everything. Anything Else Is Secondary. I took a chance on ordering this Tumba Cajon from Kopf Percussion. Hoping that it will sound as it should. After it Came in, I took it to the Rumba that Sunday for (Thee Test). Well It Passed! There Were Eight Congas and A Set of Timbales In The Group. All Comments Given Were Positive to say the least. A Few Were Surprised Of The Fact That IT Could Be Heard So Clearly Amongst A The Other Drums. It Has A Deep Yet Smooth Bass Tone. The Mid Tones Are Clean, and the Slaps are Excellent. Rumberos Have a Saying: If A Drum Does Not Have The Sound, Turn It Over And Make an Expensive Flower Pot Out Of It. This Tumba Gets A Big Praise! It's A Keeper!

Amazing tone.

jason hall on 3rd Jul 2011

This is my second purchase of a Kopf Percussion instrument. I have the DeUno S-Series cajon and I love it as well. As with the DeUno, the tonal qualities are super. I love how the different tones on the drum are so seperated and distinct. Simply a top-notch instrument.