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Birch Series DeUno Cajon 

Kopf Percussion builds some of the best cajons in the world. The Deuno is not different. The DeUno design is all about tone and resonance, and has changed the landscape of cajon percussion. This DeUno is constructed from the highest quality Baltic Birch plywood available. The "shell" walls are crafted from 1" thick Baltic birch providing a very strong structure. It features Dual 1/8" Playing Surfaces that are glued on completely around the bearing edge. This gives the drum its amazing resonance and overtones. If you are looking for a really boomy bass sound, this is the best cajon drum for you. One of the playing surfaces has 4 non-adjustable snares and the other has no snares for a natural tone. A delicate hand rubbed semi-gloss finish provides protection while allowing the drums beautiful tones to shine through. When the drum is finished, 4 steel reinforced rubber feet are attached to the bottom providing a stable slip free footing. It also has an upholstered vinyl seat and rounded corners.  

12.5" x 12" x 20"

1/8" Dual Baltic Birch Playing Surfaces

1" Thick Baltic Birch Shell Walls

4 Non-Adjustable Snares

Hand Rubbed Semi-Gloss Finish

Steel Reinforced Rubber Feet

Upholstered Vinyl Seat

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Perfect for me

Chandwick H. on 2nd Jan 2019

I initially have a hard time deciding between the S Series and the Birch series but after talking with Steve I decided to go with the birch for my application. The Birch series is not quite as warm as the S Series but it projects a little better. The base is unreal on this drum. And the upper registry really cut through the mix of my bandmates. It was a good choice for me. Thanks Steve!

I'm Happy

James Miles on 6th Dec 2018

The bass sound is why I got it. Sound better all the others I listened to.

My DeUno Rocks!

Brantley Tanner on 17th Apr 2015

This is the most resonant cajon I have ever heard. The bass, mid tone and slaps just ring out. Great sounding cajon.

Wise choice

P. Mullis on 16th Apr 2015

I play this cajon in my youth group band at church. It is perfect for our acoustic sets. It has a great bass and treble tone. I also like that the snares are not heard when playing the bass notes.....sounds alot like a drum kit. Very sharp looking instrument too.

Affordable Pro Cajon

Glynn Crews on 15th Apr 2015

This is definately a professional musicians instrument.I is very beautiful to look and and listen to. Wonderful cajon with huge bass and crispy snares. The seat is a great addition as well. Also would like to thank Steve for helping make up my mind on what model to get.

Happy DeUno Cajon Owner......

Brad T on 14th Apr 2015

This is my second cajon that I have owned. My first was an LP beginner cajon. When the time came to replace it, I started looking around and settled on the Kopf Birch DeUno. This was a wise choice. Here is my list of pros of this drum Made in the USA Superb Craftsmanship Amazing tone Huge Punchy Bass Nice Snare sounds Comfy little seat Looks great I think anyone would be happy with this drum.

American Made Beauty :)

Chase Bennett on 13th Apr 2015

Amazing tone with the biggest most resonant bass tone of any cajon....at least any cajon that I have played. The craftsmanship is outstanding. The fact that it is made in America is just icing on the cake for me.

Great American Cajon

Robert Hattaway on 19th Mar 2015

I am not one to leave lots of reviews, but I had to with this cajon. The craftsmanship is amazing. The tone is amazing. The bass is amazing. Everything about this drum is amazing! HA HA! I think you get the picture. What a pleasure to find an American made product that is made with pride. I love it.