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Birch Series DeUno Cajon 

Kopf Percussion builds some of the best cajons in the world. The Deuno is not different. The DeUno design is all about tone and resonance, and has changed the landscape of cajon percussion. This DeUno is constructed from the highest quality Baltic Birch plywood available. The "shell" walls are crafted from 1" thick Baltic birch providing a very strong structure. It features Dual 1/8" Playing Surfaces that are glued on completely around the bearing edge. This gives the drum its amazing resonance and overtones. If you are looking for a really boomy bass sound, this is the best cajon drum for you. One of the playing surfaces has 4 non-adjustable snares and the other has no snares for a natural tone. A delicate hand rubbed semi-gloss finish provides protection while allowing the drums beautiful tones to shine through. When the drum is finished, 4 steel reinforced rubber feet are attached to the bottom providing a stable slip free footing. It also has an upholstered vinyl seat and rounded corners.  

12.5" x 12" x 20"

1/8" Dual Baltic Birch Playing Surfaces

1" Thick Baltic Birch Shell Walls

4 Non-Adjustable Snares

Hand Rubbed Semi-Gloss Finish

Steel Reinforced Rubber Feet

Upholstered Vinyl Seat

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A Great American Made Cajon

KJ Rodrigues on 29th Oct 2014

I searched online for a while before deciding to buy a KOPF DeUno cajon over the other offerings from the other cajon makers, and I am pleased to say that I am glad I decided to go with KOPF. The DeUno is a high quality, great sounding cajon! I am a busker so the cajon will be moved around a lot and I wanted to be sure that the cajon I bought could stand up to the demands and not fall apart at the seams. The KOPF cajon is solid and well built and designed. The quality of sound is high and overall I am very satisfied with the DeUno.


Jess on 31st Aug 2014

This is my first cajon but I have been playing drums and percussion for 6 years. I choose this cajon based on the recommendation of a friend. I lives up to what he said. It has a wonderful tone with amazing resonance. The bass is really big and the snares are bright and crisp. I love it. Ordered it and it arrived 3 days later. I had a question about the cajon before I ordered and called Kopf and the were happy to assist. All around great experience.

Very musical

1st Jun 2014

This is a very musical cajon with many pleasing sounds and great ability to cleanly cut through so its mellow sounds can be easily heard with other instruments and a congregation of singers. It is a joy to play.

Buy this Cajon today! You won't regret it.

Chris on 10th Mar 2014

This is my 2nd handmade cajon. I purchased my first one while doing church ministry in Europe, but I had to leave it there when my family moved back to the USA almost 2 years ago now. I was a wide model and had excellent bass resonance. As a perfectionist, I over-research every purchase and even noticed the Kopf cajons when I was doing my research for that first cajon purchase but had no economical way to get it across the pond to Hungary. When I came back to the US, I visited every local music store in my area and played all the typical mass-produced brands. Nothing came close to what I was used to so I "took a chance" and went with the Kopf Birch Series DeUno based on YouTube videos and email correspondence with Steve at Kopf. WOW! What an amazing instrument. I totally agree with all the comments here regarding the build and sound quality of these Cajons. These truly are world-class Cajons that are priced very attractively. Go for one...I can promise that you'll wonder why you waited so long in the first place!

Amazing resonance

one very satisfied drummer on 10th May 2013

This drum has the most amazing resonance. I play alot in a hall that has tile floors and concrete walls. Because this drum is so resonant, I am able to cut through all the other instruments and actually be heard. I don't think that a less resonant cajon would even be noticed in that situation. 2 thumbs up for Kopf on this one.

Great instrument

Chris Deckland on 20th Nov 2012

Great cajon with deep bass and nice snare. Better than what I had expected. I think this may be the best cajon I have played yet. Reminds me of the Fat Congas cajons.


FRED BATES on 15th Nov 2012


This cajon is a Peach!

Tom Eldridge on 6th Apr 2012

This cajon surpasses all of the claims in the description. Wait 'til you get your hands on one! The Peruvian side, with no snare wires, is very warm & mellow. The bass booms on either side; the slaps are crisp on the snare side and I'm finding a nice mid tone on both sides. One of the snare wires got crossed during shipping & the cajon had an annoying "buzz" that wasn't supposed to be there (a seasoned player would have recognized this immediately). My email to Kopf was addressed personally via phone by the owner the next day. He heard the buzz over the phone, knew exactly what it was & we had it fixed in under 5 minutes. These drums are well made, worth more that they are asking for them & they are made in the USofA. Thanks to Steven Head @ Kopf percussion & to Paul Jennings of playcajon.org (which persuaded me to get started in cajon).