This cajon is the cousin to the S-Series Snare Cajon. It has a 1" solid Poplar shell with dual 1/8" thick Baltic Birch playing surfaces. The playing surfaces are attached with screws, giving it very pronounced slap tones and a very deep and punchy bass tone.

What sets this cajon apart from the other S-Series Cajons is that it has twice as many snare. It actually has 8 nonadjustable snares. This cajon is super saturated with snare. The snares are very responsive in both the slap and bass tones.

The DoubleShot also has a 1" thick upholstered seat and steel reinforced rubber feet. Finally, the drum has a clear satin finish.


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Doubleshot Cajon

Torri M. on 29th Jan 2019

This is actually my 3rd cajon drum. I play alot of jazz gigs and I wanted a cajon with very responsive snares so I could emulate brushes on a snare drum. I wasn't sure about it so I chatted with Steve (the owner) on facebook i think it was. Anyway, he recommended this cajon. I ordered, and it arrived in 2 days! Sounds awesome. I can play very light ghost notes with my fingers and it gives me that brush stroke sound I was looking for. Great addittion to my collection.

Plenty of snares

Hal Rogers on 2nd Jan 2019

This is the second call home I have owned. My other one is a Schlagwerk. The Schlagwerk is a good Cajon but the snares are not very loud. I bought the double shot because it has so many snare wires in it. It sounds great. Just what I was looking for. The wood is also stunning to look at. The Kopf Percussion line seems to be one of the highest quality.

Most Pleased

Marcus Braddy on 2nd Jan 2019

His drum as everything I was looking for. It has a great bass tone has little as tremendous snare effect. The construction seems to be very well built. I have no regrets with black purchase of this the cajon.


Mario C. on 6th Dec 2018

Got for my Flamenco group. Great cajon.


Bill W on 28th Aug 2017

This is my second Kopf- I also have the Deuno which I will review separately. If you want big snare, and fat, solid (but not overly resonant) lows- this is the drum for you. I actually had the pleasure of talking and emailing with Steve several times now and I have nothing but respect for the both the quality of their instruments and their commitment to customer service. I have several high end cajons from other very reputable companies (a few costing hundreds more than the Kopf and none of them made of solid wood), I would put this up against any of them in both quality and tone (and it's made in the USA). This can easily adapt to ANY kind of music that a player would be providing accompaniment to. I look forward to many years of enjoyment from this awesome instrument- well done!!

Great customer service!

Kim D. on 4th Oct 2016

I sent an email to the customer support desk and they answered my questions promptly. I placed my order based on the recommendation from their help desk and I absolutely love this cajon. Great bass and warm tone. Thanks guys!

No. 1 Cajon of the world

Cliff on 6th Jul 2016

I just received the double shot cajon today. And I am very very delighted to play this cajon. I inspired by the craftmanship and the tone color for all positions. And Steve has a good follw up of my delivery. I highly recommend people to buy cajon through Kopf. It's a wonderful brand. Professional!

Happy customer!

Jeremy Montross on 17th Apr 2015

Very good responsive snare and bass. Top quality!