The S-Series  Snare Cajon Drum  from Kopf Percussion has to be considered when buying a cajon. Construction starts with a solid poplar shell. Dual playing surfaces made from the finest baltic birch plywood available. One tapa has 4 non-adjustable snares  for a crisp snare effect. There is a complete separation between the bass and the snare sounds. The playing surface is secured with black oxide coated steel screws. Every Kopf S- Series Cajon drum has a fine clear satin finish to allow the natural overtones of the wood to come through.When it comes to the quality of cajon drums for sale, I take great pride in crafting the best that I can.

 Tonal Characteristics: Deep Punchy Bass tones with very responsive snares

12 x 12 x 20

Solid Poplar Shell

Baltic Birch Playing Surfaces

Dual Playing Surfaces (One with snares and one without)

Hand Rubbed Finish

Heavy Duty Vinyl Covered Seat with 1" Padding

Steel Reinforced Rubber Feet

4 non-adjustable snaremade-in-the-usa-red-large.png

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All I that I asked for

Happy Customers on 15th Apr 2015

Bigbass, great slap, crisp snares, beautiful and built to last. Yup, just what I wanted

I'm a believer!

Paul Rouse on 14th Apr 2015

I made my purchase of the cajon after reading reviews and watching videos for about a month. After talking with someone at Kopf, I took there recommendation to heart at got the S-Series Snare. I was told that it was the most popular model they had.....and I see why. Wow what an amazing instrument! The snares are very bright and the bass is nothing short of astonishing. I didn't know that a cajon could have that sort of bass. Very happy with my purchase.

Simply beautiful

Jack Swanson on 13th Apr 2015

I love this cajon!!! Thanks Kopf!!!

Fantastic Cajon!

Bill on 12th Feb 2015

This is a great drum! I did a lot of research and decided on a Kopf S-Series after reading extensive reviews by owners, a review and playing video by a guy on buycajon.com, and a review in DRUM magazine. I sent several emails to Steve at Kopf. Steve was extremely responsive and helped me decide on the Snare Cajon based on what I would be using it for. This all paid off with an excellent instrument. After I received it I put it up against all the cajons down at Guitar Center and the Kopf sounded way better than anything they had. It was also really important to me to support a small US based business. Thanks Kopf for a fantastic cajon!

Great Instrument

J.K. on 8th Nov 2013

I did alot of research before making this purchase. I was hesitant to get a Kopf because none of the stores in my area had them for me to try out. But after watching every video I could find and reading tons of reviews, I decided to go ahead and get it. We got it from X8 drums with free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee. No need to send this cajon back. WOW! Awesome instrument. Big fat low end and a crisp snare. You can't hear the snare in the bass notes either.........only in the top of the drum which is how you want it. I recommend this cajon to anyone who wants the beset.

Great Pro Cajon

Patrick Mason on 22nd Aug 2013

So glad I went this. A friend recommended it and i am in love. Worth every penny...and more!

Top Of The Line Cajon - And Made In The USA!!

MD - WI on 3rd May 2013

Great instrument. Saw an enthusiatic review in DRUM magazine and decided to give Kopf a try. I called Kopf a couple times for info - they were great. Ordered the S-Series Snare Cajon. Received it in a few days. GREAT product. Very well made. Most important - it sounds excellent! Great feel, great tone, great snares. You cannot wrong with this product or with this company. Don't hesitate.

S-Series Snare Cajon

J Gardner on 14th Feb 2013

This is the best crafted and sounding I've ever had!Well worth the money and a nice piece of "furniture"!